Concepts & Resources

Discover how AMAS safeguards organizational integrity, adheres to regulatory standards, and fosters a culture of ethical business conduct.

Concepts of Internal Controls

AMAS has adopted the internal control concepts defined by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO). 

Ethical Business Conduct

Employees of Tufts University have a responsibility to be cognizant of policies and procedures that encourage good ethical business behavior.

Fraud Prevention

As a Tufts University employee, you are responsible for ensuring funds, property and equipment are safeguarded from loss.

Best Practices

Beyond the procedural checklist, we delve into the integration of good management practices.

Other Resources

  • Student Groups - Presentation about fiscal stewardship for leaders of student groups.
  • Access Tufts - Information can be accessed about Tufts' internal policies, procedures and guidelines.